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Our goal is to help you have a successful and stress free admissions process and maximize your college admission success.

Tell us about yourself

Tell us about your interests and about your high school experience. Start at any time- 9th-12th grade.

Leap ahead in college planning

Your personalized Action Plan takes out the guesswork by giving you a step by step plan for preparing and applying to college, including standardized testing schedules, personalized calendars, and tips to keep you moving toward success.

Discover your passion

Find your passion by exploring careers, researching majors. Follow that passion by comparing colleges. Target your applications to colleges that best meet your needs and priorities.

Research and compare key college data

Quickly narrow down your college choices by comparing important data. Explore using key information such as majors, location, cost and more.

Find your perfect college match

Using your personal profile and information about each college, we can identify which colleges are a good match for you. These are your Target colleges. We tell you which colleges are in the Likely and Reach categories on your list too. This saves you time and stress, knowing you are applying to the right schools for you.

Become a stronger applicant for college

  • Know how competitive you are with

    Student competitive Assessment

  • Prepare for standardized tests with

    Online SAT, ACT, AP Practice

  • Draft a strong, well-structured essay with

    Essay Software

  • Get expert feedback on your essay with

    Essay Review

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Rest easy knowing all your college requirements and deadlines are in one place. PlanMyCollege's Application tracker helps you stay organized and on track.

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PlanMyCollege strengthens your application and maximizes your chances of admission to your top choice colleges.