Don’t start your college application journey empty-handed.
Our college application toolkit has you covered from start to finish.
Virtual Counselor
Get expert insights & guidance, wherever you are.
Support for your college application process is just a click away.
Personalized Action Plan
Chart a customized path based on your intended major and career interests — then work toward your goals, one step at a time. Learn more
Find Your Fit
Success starts with a smart college list.
Discover and compare schools to create a set of good-fit options.
All your key details, all in one place. Get a peek at what your Common Application will look like and input info to help shape your college list.
Be the Best Candidate
Everything you need for a winning game plan.
Polish your skills, know your odds, and build a strategy for success.
Online SAT & ACT Practice
Hone your skills and identify areas for growth through online practice tests and evaluations. Learn more
Smooth Sailing
One step at a time, right on time.
Get a step-by-step plan and reminders to keep you on track.
Standardized Test Calendar
Keep track of standardized test dates to create an effective study plan.
Helping others apply? We’ve got solutions for that, too.
We offer a suite of high-value features for schools and counseling professionals.
Appointments & Communications
Schedule meetings and use in-app messaging to follow up with timely information and advice.
Simplify student and family communication by generating comprehensive reports on student performance and application status.
Add your school or company logo and customize what students see in their account panel.
Start your path to success.