College Search 101

What’s in a location?
How do you describe where you live?  City? Suburb? Country?  As you explore colleges, one thing to look at is the location of the college.  Think about where you want to go to school.  The location has a significant impact on your coll
Where will you fit in?
“Warm, welcoming, smart, and unpretentious-- our university is filled with a bunch of student who are driven to be the best students they can be without striving to do so at the expense of others….[our students] excel at allowing everyone to be
Why should you care about college fairs or college visits?
Who better to learn about a college than from a college representative?  There are two ways to meet representatives from colleges: College visits to your school College fairs in your area   College Visits Check your school calendar for dates/times of college visits.  Mark thes
Consider studying in the UK for college
Many students dream of studying not only in a different state, but in a different country. If you have dreamed of going to a school like Prince William met Kate, (St. Andrews in Scotland), or an ancient school such as Oxford, consider attending college in the United Kingdom. There are several advantages to studying in the