College Visit

How to Make the Most of Your College Visits
Depending on your time and interest, plan one of the following types of college visits:Basic Visit Attend an information session. Ask questions about admissions, financial aid, choice of majors.  IMPORTANT: Get a busi
Ready, Set, Go!
Ready to go visit colleges?  Before you pack your bags and smartphone, make plans to make your visit as productive as possible Be prepared to ask questions during your visit.
Visit Colleges and Never Leave Home

Considering colleges to apply to is an exciting part of your high school years. With sports, school and family obligations, how do you fit in visits to all the colleges on your list?  Now, through technology, all you need is your computer and

Road Trip: Preparing for Spring Break College Visits

Plan to use your spring break to visit colleges.Their spring breaks are often different than your spring break. Take advantage of seeing a college campus when students are on campus. Here is how you prepare for your spring college visits.

Preparing for the