The Modern Way to Prepare Your College Applications

We'll guide you step by step through the college planning process

A virtual counselor at your fingertips

Our Action Plan takes out the guesswork of finding the right college for you. It uses the experience of college counselors to achieve one simple goal - your success!

We break down college planning into manageable action items, each designed to build your competitive application profile.

We tailor your plan to fit your interests.

Improve your chances by finding the best fit

Our college search highlights schools that meet your unique criteria. Build a balanced college list by evaluating your competitive range for each college, based on your profile.

Affordable, Accessible, Achievable

PlanMyCollege strengthens your application and maximizes your chances of admission to the best colleges.

The Most Intelligent College Investment You'll Make

Student Competitive Assessment

Wondering if you can get into your dream school?

Tell us about your school, your courses and what activities you are involved in, and we can tell you how you stack up against other student applicants using our Student Competitive Assessment service.

Former Admissions Officer Review

Wondering how your application will be viewed?

Ease your mind by having one of our former college admissions officers review your application using our Former Admissions Officer Review service.

Essay Software

Wondering how to write your college essays?

Find inspiration and guidance for your college essays using our Essay Brainstorming and Editing service.

Essay Review

Wondering how good your college essay is?

Work smarter on your college essays by having someone from our team of professional writers review your college essay(s) and give honest and constructive feedback through our Essay Review Service.

Online SAT, ACT, AP, Practice

Wondering how to prepare for upcoming tests?

Wonder no more once you enroll in our online practice for ACT, SAT and AP tests, using our Online ACT, SAT and AP Practice service.

See What Students and experts say about us

Cyndy M.

Independent Educational Consultant

"High school students find it stressful thinking and planning for future careers, majors and college. What careers are growing? What majors are required for my future career? Which colleges have my major? Can I get into those colleges? These questions (and more) are answered by PlanMyCollege. Students can explore careers, majors and colleges, then use their research to build their personal list of colleges. I like that PlanMyCollege goes a step farther. Each student’s profile (both academic and personal characteristics) are evaluated, and a match is made for Target, Reach and Likely college admissions outcomes. This helps students easily and accurately create a balanced list of colleges to apply to. They can maximize scholarships and admissions while reducing stress in the process through this unique and easy to use online tool."

Gregory C.

College Counselor

"Most college counselors have too many students to really be able to engage with all of them in a meaningful and productive way. PlanMyCollege was created to help all students by taking the guess work out of the application process and to helping them to achieve success. Getting into college should be accessible, affordable and achievable to all. That is why PlanMyCollege is such a wonderful tool for students."

Yvonne C.

College Student

"PlanMyCollege's extensive Action Plan provides valuable information for students, and is very intuitive to use. When searching for colleges, I love being able to click on a college to learn more about it, and the search filters are useful as well. The application deadlines and status tracker are both very helpful and relevant. I also like the idea of having a former admissions officer review my application. "

Leo G.

High School Student

"On the first look, I knew PlanMyCollege was a product designed for me. It feels personal, and the steps are very clear. It makes preparing for college a smooth process, and gives me guidance instead of pressure. I find it very helpful that the colleges are listed with key stats like acceptance rate, in-state cost and out-of-state cost. I wish I had this tool earlier, and I will definitely follow the Action Plan to prepare for college."

Affordable, Accessible, Achievable

PlanMyCollege strengthens your application and maximizes your chances of admission to the best colleges.